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Nick Testa/ Owner

In the summer of 2004, fresh out of high school and looking for a job I came across Addante Roofing. The owner Tony Addante took me under his wing along with four of my best friends and became like a second grandfather to us. The next ten years I spent with Tony learning the trade the old school way, meaning hand nailing everything. He made sure we took the time to learn and do the job correctly. Eventually Tony retired and I sought out other roofing companies. At each place that I worked I learned so much and took in as much knowledge of the trade as I could. To say I have a passion for roofing is an understatement. Eighteen years later, I am continuing on this path by starting my own roofing business. I look forward to working in the community I grew up and helping customers with all of their roofing needs. If there is a project that I can 't handle I will happily refer you to a contractor that will fit your needs.

Nick Chiosa/ Project Manager

Nick Chiosa began working with Nick Testa in 2004 at Addante Roofing. Together for many years they worked alongside each other learning the craft of roofing by an old school master. In 2009 Nick Chiosa moved to Houston Texas and helped build one of the largest, most professional and most successful remodeling companies in Houston. From 2011-2019 Nick Designed, Sold and Project Managed many millions of dollars worth of interior and exterior renovations. His success is owed to possessing a wide range of information and his commitment to treating every client like you would a close family member- with the client's best interests at heart. In 2019 Nick Chiosa moved back to the Finger Lakes where he grew up and is eager to serve his community alongside his lifelong friend Nick Testa. Nick Chiosa is meticulous and looking forward to serving you.

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