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Certified Shingle Masters


Discover what our passion for ROOFING can do for you 
certainteed shinglemaster
TESTA ROOFING - Traditional techniques with modern methods

We at Testa Roofing All Began the Craft by Learning the Traditional Methods of Roof Installation Which Included Hand Nailing. We Now Apply This Tradition With the Use of Nail Guns. This Fact Instilled In Each of Us the Importance of Correct and Precise Nail Placement. Incorrect Nail Placement is One of the leading Causes of Roof Failure but is also One That is Vastly Overlooked. We Pride Ourselves on Our Attention to Detail to Ensure the Highest Quality Installation. We Have Been Here for Nearly 20 Years Working and Learning the Art and Now it is Our Time to Grow with Our Community and Further Our Passion. You Can Expect One of The Owners on Site Working at All Times. With Only One Project at a Time You Will Have Our Undivided Attention from Start to Finish.

TESTA ROOFING- Proud of the Finger Lakes 

When You Have Pride in Your Home and You Love the Place that You Live, it's Easy to Display Care and Attention to Each Project Because Roofing to Us is How We Decorate Our Surroundings. We Consider Each Roof that We Do to be a Positive Contribution to Not Just the Home that the Roof is Applied to, but Also Too the Area in Which the Home Exists. We Aim to Do Professional Work that We can Look Back On with Pride. We Get Our Fulfillment from Completing Projects that Could Not Have Been Done Better By Anyone Else. We Love the Finger Lakes and Seek to Be a Trusted Staple in the Brands that Homeowner's Have to Choose From, For Generations to Come.

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